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How I lost 17 pounds in a month

After a very difficult year I had completely lost control over my eating habits. Eating out 2-3 times a day… yes a day.. was severally taking a toll on my body. I didn’t even let anyone take pictures of me for over four months.

I was never an athlete growing up so I’d wander around the gym and feel defeated. Plus between school and work I hardly even had time to go.

I realized I had to do something to change my life now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month.

I committed to a change and was ready to bring it!

That’s when my mom told me about using Mango Extract to loose weight. She had seen Dr. Oz talk about it and she lost 65 pounds last year just by taking this natural supplement made from mangos.

Basically the mango fruit extract moderates your appetite so you don’t overeat AND it enhances the body’s ability to access fat that’s stored up - so you eat less and burn more fat.

That means I can still eat what I want too, I just get full quickly. I don’t have to make awkward excuses at family meals about why I’m not eating and there’s so much less temptation, and less temptation means less guilt. It’s totally helped me have a better relationship with food.

I didn’t want to waste my money on something that didn’t work so I did my research and found “Pure Mango Cleanse”, not only did the reviews show it was considered one of the most effective and trustworthy… I found a coupon to get it for FREE!

I ordered it, paid like $5 for shipping and it arrived at my house at the end of the week. I followed the instructions and in less than a month I had lost 17 LBS!!!

When I told my mom about my results and how I use the coupon to get it for free she almost fell backwards!

This really is going to be an awesome summer.

If you want to try it go here:

Mango Pure Cleanse – then use the code “MANGOPROMO” to get it for FREE!!

This weekend I went tanning in my friend’s back yard and for the first time in ages let people take pics of me!

I’m so proud of my accomplishment:

Its the stomach I’ve wanted forever…

This product is amazing. Save money on the gym membership, don’t spend another dime on dangerous chemicals sold on TV. You can spend $5 to try a healthy way to lose 10+ pounds in under a month, to start your journey, got to Mango Pure Cleanse, and use promo code “MANGOPROMO” to do it for FREE!!!!

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